Having an online presence is perhaps the most important sales tool for small businesses. However, just any old website won’t do. One that is eye-catching and user-friendly will help you stand out in the sea of competitors and contribute to your business’ success.

With a custom designed website, you have the opportunity to establish an online brand and “wow” your audience. Custom graphics and photography add that unique touch; but, they also add an additional cost to your project.

Stock image sites are becoming ever more popular for their convenience, variety and cost-efficiency. With the royalty-free image sites, you have access to archives of “professional” or high-quality images that can be purchased at relatively affordable prices. With millions of images available, there are photos for every subject matter that will provide a match close enough for your needs. You can always manipulate stock images, but is it worth it?

Looking for that perfect image? Consider hiring a professional photographer. The cost of a custom photo shoot may shock some people and will put a dent in any budget, however, it allows you to stage the scene and get the images you need to sell your services or products.

We’re a big fan of the “wow” factor and obsess over the small details. So, if you’re going to invest in a custom built website with Martini Creative, why not add that personal touch with your own photography.