World Tea Company

Online shopping has quickly become a major component in consumerism. There’s many appealing factors to it…you can do it in your jammies, shop any time 365/24/7, compare pricing among retailers to get the best deals, and avoid the mall crowds.

However for businesses, there’s more to to it then “build it and they will come”. Success is measured by many factors including design, development and return on investment – i.e. high number of sales = increased profits.

When World Tea Company’s owner, Bob, decided to close his retail store, he found he needed a new and improved online presence. Martini Creative consulted with Bob and recommended utilizing WordPress and the e-commerce plugin Shopp, to run his business. The custom CMS allows Bob to easily manage his loose leaf tea inventory. This includes ability to add and delete products; adjust pricing, sizes options and categories; add descriptions; and, post specials or discounted offers. Furthermore, converting to WordPress will assist World Tea Co. with search engine rankings simply due to the use of a better software platform.

Tea lovers – and customers – will appreciate the variety of teas available and ease of shopping on the new site. Have time for a cup of tea? See what World Tea Company has to offer at